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Video of the 2011 MINI Clubman Cooper Diesel

Thanks to MotoringFile video is available of the updated 2011 MINI models.
One video includes close-ups of the 2011 Clubman Cooper Diesel. Fast forward to 3:00 to see it in full glory.

I’ve noticed the following changes:

  • The slightly changes faux side air vent at 3:10
  • New designed lower front bumper and chrome trim at 3:28
  • Wider buffers on back bumper at 4:00
  • LED tail lights at 4:10
  • New boot cover. It now curls up rather than dangling around. Nice! Watch it in action at 4:33
  • All-black interior center console with new radio and air con controls at 5:15 (Looks like they haven’t change the not ideal position of the USB/Aux ports.)
  • Improved sat nav unit at 5:30
  • New belt clip for Clubdoor-side front seat belt at 5:52. Nice!
  • New Diesel engine at 6:00, pure engine sounds at 6:22
  • Lots of unexciting drive by video from 6:30 to the end.

Can you find more? Let me know in the comments!