The MINI World Comes to an End

Today marks the end of an era. The Mayan’s knew this. Their calendar ends today. And so does the life with Our MINI Clubman Diesel. Later today I will return our beloved Clubman at the local dealership. The lease has ended and it will not be renewed. No new or other MINI will follow. That’s it. It feels awkward already.

I have driven a MINI now for over 8 years. First a Cooper S, then our Clubman Diesel for the last three years. And I enjoyed every minute in those cars. It was part of who I am. Thanks to MINI I made many friends, here in Germany and on other continents. But now I have to take a MINI break.

The world will not end today. After dropping of our Clubman a BMW 1er is waiting for us to be taken home. It’s bright blue like my first MINI and equally sporty. But it has 5 doors and that is because we do have two boys growing a little bit every day. We need a bit more space.
You could start arguing why we didn’t go for a MINI Countryman then. Well, it ‘s a nice car but it’s not for me.

Good bye dear MINI. I hope you get into good hands.


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