The MINI One Surprises

MINI OneOur MINI Clubman Diesel was due for a service. So I got a MINI One as a loaner to keep me moving. Unexpectedly this little sucker was so much fun to drive. The shorter wheelbase of the 3 door hatch is definitely providing more fun around corners than the Clubman. God, it felt good.

The little 1.4 liter fuel engine only offers about 95 horses, but they still felt more engaged than those of our turbo diesel. Admittedly top end speed and acceleration was lacking on the Autobahn, but inner city and country side driving was a pleasure. It was also great to hear some engine roar, something the diesel is lacking entirely.

However, there was another surprise. Something rather unexpected. The fuel consumption was insane. Really. 16 miles to the gallon (or 14.9l/100km)? Sixteen??? Our Diesel gets me over 35 mpg – and I know I’m not driving it super efficiently. But 16 mpg? And I really didn’t push the little One too hard. I drove it like I drive our Clubman Diesel every day.
MINI One Surprising Fuel Consumption

The conclusion?
I’m sure our MINI Clubman Diesel will stay with us for a few more years, but driving the MINI One made me want to switch to the shorter, more tossable original 3 door. And preferably one with some roaring, powerful engine.
Did I hear someone say JCW? I’m all in!


4 responses to “The MINI One Surprises

  1. OK, so the MINI One wasn’t as thirsty as the on-board computer lead me to believe.
    When I refiled the car before dropping it off again at the dealer, I was only able to get in about 11.3 liters of gas. Having driven about 100 km, that makes it 21 mpg. Still a bit unexpected, but better than just 16 mpg.

  2. nice blog…and the post too….

  3. If you look at the picture you will notice that car computer is reading 14.9 km per litre not 14.9 litre per 100km. If you put 100 km and divide it by 14.9 km you get 6.71/100 km
    i have a mini cooper s clubman and my computer was set in the same way realy freaked out but then realised 🙂

    • Hi Edouard,
      that is very well observed and you are right. Thanks for pointing this out.
      I realized something must be wrong with the on-board computer read out when refueling the car. I was only able to get a bit more than 11 liters in after driving it 100 km. That still makes it 11l/100km not 6.7l/100km but don’t we all know these read-outs are overly positive all the time? 😉

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