Happy New Year!

Yes it’s been a while since the last post. Our MINI Clubman Diesel is still running well.
“Earl Grey” is now with us for over a year. Time for a brief review. In the past 12 months, he carried us over 7,000 miles, was refueled 22 times, sipping about 189 gallons of Diesel. That makes it an average of 36 mpg (US). The highest average mpg was at 42.8 in the middle of summer, and the lowest at 29.4 during a trip to the Nürburgring.

Finally Our MINI Clubman Diesel received his red ears. This is something that was planned from the very beginning. I actually mocked up a view using the MINI Build Your Own web tool. But I never got it done for many reasons.
And so my wife secretly grabbed our MINI and the spare mirror caps I had purchased from a fellow MINI owner and drove to a local paint shop while I was traveling on business in November. There she picked a beautiful red color and got the mirror caps painted. I then found them under the Christmas tree! A very nice surprise. I hope you agree they look great on Our MINI Clubman Diesel.

For 2011 Our MINI Clubman Diesel has some existing events lined up.
There will be many drives out to a building site that we will call home in late summer. We are building a house for the family and a garage for Our MINI Clubman Diesel.
Then there will also be MINI United in late August happening in the south of France. I hope to make it out there this year and I hope to meet with many of you fellow MINI enthusiasts!


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