Our Clubman Diesel gets less thirsty

Diesel Pump, courtesy of vistavision

Whatever happened when I drove our MINI Diesel Clubman across the 3,000 miles mark, it has quite a positive impact on its fuel consumption. According to the on-board computer the average diesel thirst is all of a sudden down and now in the 41 mpg (US) region. Before the average consumption was more or less around 38 mpg.

As the on-board computer tends to be not that accurate when it comes to real fuel consumption, I’m tracking the real consumption using Spritmonitor.de. There, the calculated average based on mileage and all fuelings so far is 35 mpg. I’m curious to see how this changes after the next re-fueling.

What is your average?


2 responses to “Our Clubman Diesel gets less thirsty

  1. Nice!!
    My 2002 Cooper gets about 28-30 mpg (US) in local highway/city commuting, and about the same on longer trips (70-ish mph speeds).
    Our 2003 CVT Cooper gets 17-20 mpg in only city driving with very short trips, but I’ve seen 33 or 34 on easy highway driving.

  2. My daily commute is a mixture of 8 miles through downtown traffic and 9 miles of Autobahn (@ ca. 75mph). Although I’m shifting up early, I’m not light on the accelerator all the time. 😀

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