How to Promote Diesel Engines – Audi’s Super Bowl Ad

We chose a Diesel engine for our Clubman because of its green appeal and the superior performance – at least when compared to the fuel-powered Cooper version. But some don’t get that choice. The Cooper Diesel it not available in the US and so are many other manufacturers’  diesel versions.

Why is that? Well, because of two things I guess.

  1. Historically, because of the lack of demand for diesel powered cars in the US.
  2. And then because of strict environmental and emission laws. Still only a hand-full of the latest diesel engines are conforming to these.

German car manufacturer Audi has achieved full greenness with their TDI engines and once again proofed “Vorsprung durch Technik” is not just a marketing claim.
And now they are trying to hammer this into the US consumers and generate demand for their diesel version with this Super Bowl ad:

Would you buy a MINI Diesel or what would it need for you to buy one? Maybe the upcoming Cooper S Diesel? Let me know in the comments.


6 responses to “How to Promote Diesel Engines – Audi’s Super Bowl Ad

  1. You asked… “Would you buy a MINI Diesel or what would it need for you to buy one?”

    I’d say yes to the first part of your question but I think “What would it “take” for you to buy one?” is what you meant in the 2nd part of your question.

    Diesel pumping stations in general are not that available, ate least in California in our cities, until you get out onto our interstate hiways where the big rigs run.

    Funny ad… I wonder, is your watching a Super Bowl normal? I don’t watch though I was invited to a neighbors SB party. Not a fan of most USA sports, for me it’s F1, WRC, Dakar, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, once in a great while NASCAR.

  2. Ah… you watch because of the ads, I figure.

  3. No, I only watch the ads. 🙂
    I have to admit, I don’t watch football. Not even the German type.

  4. That’s one 1984ish nightmare! Can you spell Eco-Nazis?

    And yes – I would buy the diesel. All the cars I’ve owned were diesels, besides the very first one, my beloved 1972 VW Beetle 1302.

  5. Yes & possibly.

    Diesel doesn’t sell well in the US because of lasting memories of 70/80s era MB black belching sedans.

    I had a diesel 2 vehicles ago, it was the VW Touareg V10TDI. It was monster of an engine. I loved it!! But the rest of the truck wasn’t built so well, namely the transmission(stepper motor).

    Everyone worries about how few diesel stations there are, but few understand they’re not so necessary as you can go further on less – thus the major benefit of diesel….plus most car drivers are less likely to go to truck depots to fill up; & there are plenty of them.

    Having driven diesels of different sizes & having a lead foot, I would want something with some good torque.

    If the Audi 3.0TDI arrived in a sedan/wagon in the US I’d buy it yesterday. Currently there are 2 Audi diesel options, A3 or Q7. I don’t fit in the A3(too tall) & I don’t need the space of the Q7.

    I considered the BMW 335d sedan, but opted for the JCW. Two primary reasons: I’ve been wanting a MINI for awhile, & having had cars w/ multiple electronic issues, the 335d seemed to another candidate for that.

  6. @Carsten P. You think that’s “one 1984ish nightmare!”

    Come and visit “Great” Britain where we are but a nanosecond away from this well observed nightmare!

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