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How to Promote Diesel Engines – Audi’s Super Bowl Ad

We chose a Diesel engine for our Clubman because of its green appeal and the superior performance – at least when compared to the fuel-powered Cooper version. But some don’t get that choice. The Cooper Diesel it not available in the US and so are many other manufacturers’  diesel versions.

Why is that? Well, because of two things I guess.

  1. Historically, because of the lack of demand for diesel powered cars in the US.
  2. And then because of strict environmental and emission laws. Still only a hand-full of the latest diesel engines are conforming to these.

German car manufacturer Audi has achieved full greenness with their TDI engines and once again proofed “Vorsprung durch Technik” is not just a marketing claim.
And now they are trying to hammer this into the US consumers and generate demand for their diesel version with this Super Bowl ad:

Would you buy a MINI Diesel or what would it need for you to buy one? Maybe the upcoming Cooper S Diesel? Let me know in the comments.