The A-Team Clubman

There were two cars that I adored back when I was still a kid – and didn’t know much about cars. Colt Sievers’ pick-up and the A-Team’s van. Both were built by GM. The Fall Guy’s ride was a GMC Sierra and the A-Team used a GMC Vandura.

And while Colt has retired and now drives a lame Honda CRV, the A-Team is back! And with them their signature GMC van. A movie based on the eighties TV series is due to be released this summer. Watch the trailer on the movie’s official website and pay special attention at 0:45, as this is when the GMC Vandura springs into action.

Clearly, I’m not the only fanboy of the A-Team’s Vandura.
Rolf Horn, a MINI dealer in Dueren, Germany has something sitting on his showroom floor that must be the A-Team’s van’s little brother: A Clubman in full A-Team livery.

This is a MINI Cooper S Clubman with some selected JCW parts and said A-Team livery. It’s up for sale if you want it.

Do you own or stumbled across a great customized Clubman lately? Let me know!


3 responses to “The A-Team Clubman

  1. Hey Philip I think that’s the Clubby for you… 😉

    No customized Clubmans but I am going to the Grand National Roadster Show today near where I live here in Los Angeles/Pasadena. It’s the biggest hot rod show in the USA and it’s top prize is the most coveted.

    I’ll send you some pics.

    “I pity the fools!” BA Baracus

  2. Come on BA .. er.. RB, where are the pictures? 😉 Send them over!

  3. Philip,

    I had a melt down on my mac. Applecare is sending a service tech out to replace my hard drive so not or can’t send pics until then.

    The John Schneider of Dukes of Hazzard, and the General Lee, was there got his pic as was Lorenzo Lamas of Renegade fame.

    Will send pics as soon as I’m running again.

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