The Cooper Diesel and its Fuel Consumption

After clocking the first 500 miles it’s now time for a quick check on how the Cooper Diesel engine of our Clubman does in terms of fuel economy. When I decided to go for the Diesel the main reasons were its low CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and the good torque of the turbo.
The on-board computer told me I was driving at an average fuel consumption of 34 mpg. That is not overly impressive.
In the past weeks I drove the Clubman mainly through inner city traffic on my way to and from work. I have to admit I wasn’t never good at driving with a light foot. Especially when zipping through inner city traffic. I often try to beat the next light or to go around that slow car before the next turn.
And then there are a couple of other factors that need consideration when look at that rather poor mpg number.

First of all the car is still brand new. According to Christian the Diesel’s fuel consumption will go down to expected levels after the first 1.200 miles are driven. So we’ll see.

Second, It’s currently cold outside, very cold. That means the auto start/stop doesn’t kick in as it is below 39°. So no fuel saving at red lights. And because it’s so cold, I also use a lot of electricity. For the heating, the defogger (front & rear), the heated seats, the heated mirrors, and the air condition. Yes, the air con helps with defogging as well, so it’s running. A lot of electricity means the alternator is likely to not decouple itself but runs at all times – vs. running only when coasting or braking. So by generating all that electrical energy, the alternator is sucking power from the engine – hence bringing up fuel consumption.

Now this past weekend I drove the first longer stretch. About 240 miles on the German Autobahn and some nice twisty country roads. I didn’t push the Clubman too hard and now the on-board computers displays a nice 44 mpg.

From now on I’m going to keep track of my average fuel consumption and you can see how I do. On the right of the page you can see a box with the most current average fuel consumption is displayed.
The calculation is provided by the website which allows me to simply enter mileage, fuel quantity, and cost for each refueling. The site then tracks average consumption and I can share it with everyone who is interested.

By the way, the 52 fuel-consumption-aware Cooper Diesel owners who use the site currently report and overall average of 43 mpg.

Happy Holidays!


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