The 2010 MINI Hardman/Kardon HiFi Sound System

Our Clubman Diesel has the Harman/Kardon HiFi system and I love it. This is a new option for 2010 models that was announced back in the summer. For a factory option the sound is great.
The h/k HiFi system comes with 480 watts of output through 10 speakers – 5 on each side of the car’s interior.
One speaker sits at the bottom of the a-pillar and features a prominent harman/kardon label. Two speakers are in the doors – one in the bottom front corner, the other in front of the arm-rest. The two remaining speakers are in the back and grouped behind one oval cover in the side panel.

I had the factory h/k sound system in my previous 2004 Cooper S as well, but I would say the new version is even better. The 2010 version doesn’t have additional presets like “H/K MINI”, “electronic”, “instrumental”, “spacial”, “festival” which the 2004 version had (read a great review of the previous h/k system here). That said, there is little fiddling one can do with the new h/k – other than bring some good tunes and listen. And that is perfectly OK. I tried out the settings of the old system in the first week I got my car in 2004 and then never again.

I love listening to music but I’m not that audiophile that I can describe or compare the sound of a HiFi system. Actually I believe there is little point in doing so as I would say whether a car sound system sounds good or not depends on the type music you, dear reader, are listening to: acoustic, classic, electronica, hip-hop, melodic death metal, rock or whatever. Each music will have it’s own strengths and shortfalls – or the Harman/Kardon will have.

Harman/Kardon Speaker in A-Pillar

So my recommendation is to burn a few of your favorite tracks on a CD, take it to a dealer (or friend) who has a MINI with the h/k and do a “test drive through sound”.

Here is a selection of my favorite MINI Motoring Music:

Name Artist Album
Ever After Love (Love Beats) The Lucky Ones Nude Dimensions Vol 3
Clive The Runner Bobby Hughes Combination Nhu Golden Era
Contraband Gustav Brom Big Band Mojo Club Dancefloor Jazz Vol.9 – Never Felt So Free
Cannonball Supertramp Brother where you bound
Makesome Brakesome Krushed & Sorted Featuring Ernie Sound And Pictures Of Capetown
Witness Dub Roots Manuva London Lounge – London By Night
Latazz The Funky Lowlives DJ-Kicks: Stereo MC’s
144.000 Visit Venus The Endless Bummer
Ginger & Fred Voom:Voom DJ Kicks: Trüby Trio
Please Stand By BFC DJ-Kicks: Terranova
Coffee Talk (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix) Jazzanova Saint-Germain Café: The Finest Electro-Jazz Compilation
Croque Monsieur Dino & Tery The Daydreamer
Harp Junction Bobby Hughes Combination Nhu Golden Era
Just One Of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix) Blossom Dearie Verve Remixed 3

Feel free to share your favorite motoring music in the comments.

Motor on, rock on and enjoy!


3 responses to “The 2010 MINI Hardman/Kardon HiFi Sound System

  1. hmm, I hope they make some sort of retrofit option for my 2009. The HiFi system just isn’t up to par with anything I’ve had before.

    I’ve had to stop listening to some music in my car, because of all the reverb/rattling

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