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The Cooper Diesel and its Fuel Consumption

After clocking the first 500 miles it’s now time for a quick check on how the Cooper Diesel engine of our Clubman does in terms of fuel economy. When I decided to go for the Diesel the main reasons were its low CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and the good torque of the turbo.
The on-board computer told me I was driving at an average fuel consumption of 34 mpg. That is not overly impressive.
In the past weeks I drove the Clubman mainly through inner city traffic on my way to and from work. I have to admit I wasn’t never good at driving with a light foot. Especially when zipping through inner city traffic. I often try to beat the next light or to go around that slow car before the next turn.
And then there are a couple of other factors that need consideration when look at that rather poor mpg number.

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Getting Ready for Snow

It’s freezing cold outside and as I type this the first few snow flakes are falling from the sky. So it was about time to prepare our Clubman for the winter season.
The first part was easy: I put an ice scraper into the boot. Rubber floor mats were already put into the car when I picked it up a few weeks ago.
Then things became a bit more serious. I dragged the winter wheels out of our basement storage room – and the tools I needed to make the change. Continue reading

The 2010 MINI Hardman/Kardon HiFi Sound System

Our Clubman Diesel has the Harman/Kardon HiFi system and I love it. This is a new option for 2010 models that was announced back in the summer. For a factory option the sound is great.
The h/k HiFi system comes with 480 watts of output through 10 speakers – 5 on each side of the car’s interior.
One speaker sits at the bottom of the a-pillar and features a prominent harman/kardon label. Two speakers are in the doors – one in the bottom front corner, the other in front of the arm-rest. The two remaining speakers are in the back and grouped behind one oval cover in the side panel. Continue reading

Facelifting the Clubman Diesel

After we picked up our Clubman Diesel on Thursday night, the following Sunday was a perfect day to get to work on something that was well prepared before the car arrived.
When ordering the car I was thinking about getting the driving lamps and a black Cooper S grill – instead of the all chrome grill that the Clubman Diesel came with from the factory. And so the lamps and grill were ordered as accessories along with the car.
Then something happened that wasn’t planned. I eyed a full Cooper S front apron on eBay and was lucky enough to win the bidding war for little more than just €50. The best was that the apron was already dark silver metallic, the color of our Clubman. I wouldn’t have got it if it wasn’t that cheap or another color with the need for a paint job.

So on Sunday I put on the scrubs and got ready to facelift the Clubman. Continue reading