Want to join picking up our Clubman?

We’ll pick-up our MINI Clubman Diesel tomorrrow!
If you want to join the fun, you are more than welcome.

There are two options:

  1. Join the MINI-convoy from Frankfurt to St. Augustin where the Clubman is waiting for us.
    We are starting tomorrow, Thursday Nov 19th, at 16:30.
    Our meeting point in Frankfurt is Theodor-Heuss-Allee 44-46 (at the corner of Varrentrappstrasse).
    You should be able to spot Scotty’s Gulf-styled “Charlie” or 2mD’s “Streifenhörnchen” right away.
  2. Come directly to Hakvoort in St. Augustin.
    We hope to be there around 18:00
    The address is:
    Hakvoort Automobile GmbH
    Einsteinstr. 30
    53757 Sankt Augustin-Menden
    (see a map here)

Feel free to join the conversation around the pick-up event on the German MINI² forums.

Apologies for this being very short notice.
Only a few hours ago I was able to confirm with good old German bureaucracy that all the needed papers are available tomorrow morning at the car registration office. So tomorrow morning I’ll visit the registration office again, with the plates ready in my hands.

Anyways … Yippee!!


One response to “Want to join picking up our Clubman?

  1. I’d join you if I could.. Congratulations and have fun!!

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