All set!

I called Christian earlier this week. He works at Hakvoort, a BMW/MINI dealership and he sold me my new MINI Clubman. I wanted to check the MINI’s production status with him. And the good news was that the MINI was already in the build status. He estimated a delivery for the coming week. Wow!

Bridge Spoke (R94) in black with winter tires

All the additional items I order for my new MINI already arrived last week. The delivery guys of various parcel services are all curious what that new car will be. They met at our door with some of the parts I ordered.
First came the winter tires. I decided for the MINI Bridge Spoke wheels in black. During the winter moths these 16″ wheels will replace the 17″ Crown Spoke wheels that will come with the MINI and summer tires.
The new Cooper S front apron I fished in the bay also arrived already. Everything is well stored in the basement.

Roemer Kidfix "Olivia"

Then came Tim’s new child seat. He will get a ride each morning to kindergarten. We ordered the seat in a red and black theme to match my new MINI’s interior. Tim is already very much looking forward to the new “big” MINI – and so am I.

I will register the car myself. The dealership of course offers this as a service as well. But this saves me some money I already spend on the parts. I called the Frankfurt’s vehicle registration office and was able to make a reservation for a custom number. There is no such thing as a vanity plate in Germany, but you can still pick your preferred letter-number combination. The city prefix of course is something that can not be influenced – other than moving.
On my previous MINI I had “F – PH 80” but that was already taken – now a Porsche drives around Frankfurt with my old number. A worthy successor.
Now I have a different number, but the same letters. I order the plates at for under € 15 including shipping. This needs extra mentioning as I remember paying € 30 when I bought the plates for the bimmer right near the vehicle registration office. Gutschild send the plates over night.
I also signed up for insurance with HUK24 – the company our others cars are, and my previous MINI was insured with. They are the online arm of a traditional insurance company. I just had to login on their website, then fill in a form, submit, and then wait for a confirmation e-mail. The e-mail included a letter as a PDF attachment which I need to show as a print-out when registering the car. Now I’m all set.

When the car is delivered from Oxford to the dealership, they will send the papers to the Frankfurt vehicle registration office. I can then get the official stamps on the plates and the additional papers. When that’s done all I need to do is pick up the Clubman at the dealer.
I can’t wait!

Plates and insurance papers


2 responses to “All set!

  1. Congratulations on your new MINI. I can’t wait till I order mine. Post some pictures of your MINI. Motor On!

  2. Hi there,

    cool article, well worth the read! I found it while looking for information on the Clubman. Just wanted to pass on a note that there are many other shops nowadays you can use to order your German license plates online, so it is always worth comparing prices. ( I know because I work over at ) 😉


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