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Clubman on the Ring

Does who know me probably thought after reading the headline that I went to the Nuerburgring straight away with our brand new Clubman.

But no, this is about Max. I don’t know him but he owns a JCW Clubman he fondly calls “Johnny de Clubi”. He posted the following video today of him and Johnny enjoying the Nordschleife this past Sunday. It must have been a truly memorable lap, given the amount of traffic.

But see for yourself.


The Clubman is here!

This is the post you I’ve been waiting for.
We got the keys to our MINI Clubman Diesel last night. And my face hurts from the smile that I can’t wipe off since then.

The MINI is back!! Our new Clubman Diesel certainly isn’t comparable in performance to our previous Cooper S. It’s not screaming like a cat out of hell when you floor it. It’s not giving you that exhaust thumbing that I learned to love so much. It’s not pressing you into the seat when you accelerate it from 100 mph on a German Autobahn. But there are many things I fell in love with on the way back home last night. First and foremost my wife who encouraged me to buy a MINI again instead of settling for public transport or an all rational car.
But before I dive into this, let’s quickly re-cap the pick-up event. Continue reading

Want to join picking up our Clubman?

We’ll pick-up our MINI Clubman Diesel tomorrrow!
If you want to join the fun, you are more than welcome.

There are two options: Continue reading

Our MINI Clubman Diesel arrived

Our MINI Clubman was scheduled to arrive some when this week. And it did.

Here is a first photo that Christian, the MINI sales manager at Hakvoort in St. Augustin, took with his mobile phone’s camera. Just when he was about to go home the vehicle transporter came and dropped off the car. Continue reading

Autobahn Tested, Mother Approved

It’ll still take a few days until we can get the hands on the keys to our new Clubman.
Until you dear reader will be presented with more in-depth reviews of our Clubman from various angles, here is one from Kristin at MotherProof. She reviewed a Cooper Clubman earlier this year from a family point of view.


All set!

I called Christian earlier this week. He works at Hakvoort, a BMW/MINI dealership and he sold me my new MINI Clubman. I wanted to check the MINI’s production status with him. And the good news was that the MINI was already in the build status. He estimated a delivery for the coming week. Wow! Continue reading

The Clubman Order

After what felt like weeks, and actually was weeks, my future car is on order and will be build in November in Oxford.

A Clubman Diesel in Dark Silver metallic, with a black roof and C-pillars. I also went for the black Crown Spoke wheels.

The interior will have the Punch Carbon black leather seats, piano black dash panels, an anthracite headliner, and what MINI calls the “Soft Touch Knee Roll” in Rooster Red.
The list of options is long and includes the panoramic sun roof, the new Harman/Kardon sound system, the two-seat rear bench, the sport suspension, bi-xenon headlights, and a ton of electric helpers. Continue reading