MINI Motoring

Driving a MINI is not like driving most other cars. MINI owners are often enthusiastic about their car and enjoy sharing the motoring experience with fellow MINI owners.
I have many fond memories of motoring with friends around the world.

On the way to MINI UNITED in Misano Italy, we meet Italian MINI owners by chance at Lake Como. Then drove as a group down south and into Bologona for an “aperitivo” and a walk around the old town, before proceeding to Misano later that day.
On the way back from Misano to Milan a convoy of MINIs emerged on the motorway like a flash mob, only it wasn’t planned. It simply happened. And so for the next 250 miles we swarmed north through Italy in a group of MINIs.

I was in Seattle on business once and had to stay the weekend. I contacted the Puget Sound MINI Motoring Club and was invited to join them for the annual Mt. Baker MINI Run that was organized together with the Vancouver MINI Club. I even got to drive a MINI, as one of the club members had three MINIs in his drive way. His 16 year old daughter was allowed to drive it up to my hotel where I took over.

Something similar happened last year when I was in Chicago on business and timed my trip so I could join MINI Takes the States Chicago. Again, I was picked up by Steve, President of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club for the warm up party the night before the main event. Then the next day Ken picked me up at the hotel and we drove to Lincoln Park Zoo for the breakfast event. Then Matt took me on board his MINI and we drove all the way up to Road America.

These are just a few personal examples of how this little car has brought people together. How I made new friends instantly. How much fun it is to own a MINI. What Motoring is all about.
And that is why I’m excited to share what my MINI friend Susanne here in Germany posted on Facebook today: A group of MINI enthusiast on their way through Pennsylvania recorded on Google Maps Streetview. How cool is that?


Click to see all the MINIs on Google Maps

Please share your favorite motoring experience as a comment. I’m keen to hear more about it!

Happy Motoring and have a great weekend!


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