Tonight’s the Night! Test Drive Night!!

While some MINI sales managers are obviously not interested in selling cars, there are still some who are.
Tonight I will pick up a MINI Cooper D Clubman at the “Niederlassung Frankfurt”. Yeah!

I talked to Daniel Crespi on the phone last week. He is the MINI sales manager there.
While he was caught picking his nose recently, he is definitely not thumbing his nose at potential buyers. And I can only guess that is why he became the top selling MINI sales person last year.
He listened to me on the phone, heard my little MINI story and then worked his calendar and what he says are 7 different systems to book the test drive for me.

I’m also allowed to keep the Clubman until tomorrow. This is great as that enables me to put the whole family into the car tonight and see how that goes. It’ll also allow me to drive the daily route from home to work to look at and compare the fuel consumption.

I’m really looking forward to tonight and of course you can expect to see a test drive report on this site soon.


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