Why going to the Club, man?

Given the blog is called “Our MINI Clubman Diesel” you may have guessed it already. I’m looking for a MINI Cooper D Clubman.
But the question is why?
And that is really a good question. Maybe you dear reader come to a different conclusion of which car suits me best. I welcome your take, so feel free to leave a comment.

My beloved MINI Cooper S (R53)I laid out some of the reasons why I sold my beloved Cooper S Coupe over here already. Now let me explain this a little more in detail.
I bought that car 5 years ago. It was the perfect choice for me back then. But my life has changed dramatically over the past 4 years. And for the good if I may say this up front.
I found the love of my life and our son Tim was born in the summer of 2006. Just about 8 weeks ago our second son Moritz was born. That alone shifts the automobile needs tremendously. However I’m not looking for a family wagon. My wife Kerstin has the pleasure to drive one of those already. And still I now prefer a 4-door over anything 2-door – from the practical point of view. I’m a slim 6.5″ so crawling into the back of a 2-door car to secure my sons into their seats is a crumple.

So some kind of boring 4-door? Let’s see.
Here are my primary needs.

  • A car that is fun to drive, lets you feel the road, and lusts for corners.
  • A car with a compact exterior, yet roomy enough for my already mentioned 6.5″ frame.
  • A car that can easily take on board one and if necessarily both kids without me or them being cramped in.
  • A car that is eco-friendly without stretching my budget.
  • And of course something with a bit of a flair compensating my dull self.

Does this sound like a MINI Cooper D Clubman to you?
Let me know.


5 responses to “Why going to the Club, man?

  1. Hey Philip,

    I think the Clubman Diesel is the perfect choice for you.

    First of all because you’re into MINIs 😉
    But you dan drive a Clubbi Diesel with 4,5l diesel per 100km without having to crawl around.

    The diesel is not comparible with an MCS or a JCW, but you will find it pleasent to drive.

    The clubmans ride is more stable then the hatches. The hatch tends to get nervous in corners and the added length of the clubbi counteracts that without losing the go-kart feeling you loved so much from your MCS.

    The added space is mostly visible in the rear seats, where 2 adults can ride very comfortable, let alone 2 junior racers.

    The loading space is just a bit bigger than the R56s. But you will find, that loading and unloading cases of beer (or maybe water) is much more comfortable.

    The “hidden basement” in the spare wheel well is great for stuff you like to carry with you like tire fit kit, jumper cables, towing rope and stuff like that without cluttering the rear or good to store addtionional baggage, like an extra pair of shoes, cuddly toys, a stock of diapers… you get the picture 😉

    So yes, I think you did a great choice with picking a clubman diesel, but then I’m a little bit biased towards MINIs 😉



  2. Scotty, thanks for the encouragement!
    I made a few calls yesterday and hope to test drive a Clubman Diesel soon.

    I know your bias towards MINI and it’s certainly the same on my end. Hence I’m wondering whether there are any alternatives given my list above.

  3. I’m really thinking hard about this…

    The only alternative that comes to my mind is the Subaru Impreza Diesel but that’s not as economical as the Clubman Cooper D and is more expensive…

  4. Sounds like a description of a Land Rover Defender to me…. apart from the “corners” requirement!

  5. And the Defender is kind of thirsty at over 12 liters per 100 km inner city.
    But a fun car, even without the cornering.

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