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Two visual reasons for the Clubman Diesel

My friend Richard thought of me today and sent two videos via Facebook. Thanks Richard!

One is a viral by MINI for the Clubman.

Clearly the video doesn’t play to the left brain about why buying a Clubman, but to the right brain. After all the Clubman is not really a practical car. Ask Corolla-driving Paul about it.
It’s a different car. The twin doors in the back. The “Clubdoor”, a one-sided rear suicide door.
One thing confused me though: I’m not sure why they are saying “it’s a fake” at the end of the video. I used to drive my MINI on the Autobahn like the two Clubman all the time. Three-sixties and flips and much more! 😉

The other is a “Making Of” the MINIMALISM ad that MINI produced to promote the economical fuel consumption of their cars.

Watching the “Making Of” is seems MINI wasn’t tightfisted when carving out the budget to create the ad. You can see the final result right here. Really nice.
It enforces my thinking once again that a Diesel is a good choice. I hope to be able to test drive one next week to find out more.

Enjoy the videos and have great week!


Why going to the Club, man?

Given the blog is called “Our MINI Clubman Diesel” you may have guessed it already. I’m looking for a MINI Cooper D Clubman.
But the question is why?
And that is really a good question. Maybe you dear reader come to a different conclusion of which car suits me best. I welcome your take, so feel free to leave a comment.

My beloved MINI Cooper S (R53)I laid out some of the reasons why I sold my beloved Cooper S Coupe over here already. Now let me explain this a little more in detail.
I bought that car 5 years ago. It was the perfect choice for me back then. But my life has changed dramatically over the past 4 years. And for the good if I may say this up front.
I found the love of my life and our son Tim was born in the summer of 2006. Just about 8 weeks ago our second son Moritz was born. That alone shifts the automobile needs tremendously. However I’m not looking for a family wagon. My wife Kerstin has the pleasure to drive one of those already. And still I now prefer a 4-door over anything 2-door – from the practical point of view. I’m a slim 6.5″ so crawling into the back of a 2-door car to secure my sons into their seats is a crumple.

So some kind of boring 4-door? Let’s see. Continue reading

I’m still suffering.

There is little I can do about it. I’m still suffering. I’m on turkey if you want to say so.

After exactly 5 years and one month I sold my MINI Cooper S last week. There were many reasons to do it.
The financing ran out. Our second son was born at the end of July, which means a car with a bit more space makes more sense. For nearly two years I was only driving the MINI the 6 miles to work and back. Pretty pointless for a car like this. And pretty expensive given the thirst of the 170 horses and German fuel prices.
So the decision was made and the MINI was put onto – a popular used car website – and into the “MINI² sell” section of MINI².info.

I even created this banner to push the sale:

And now it’s gone. Continue reading